Analytics Consulting Services

Analytics Consulting Services

Understand Your Users Your website can provide a wealth of knowledge about your customers, but do you know how to get to that valuable information? SEER’s Analytics team works with you to provide actionable insights that allow you to:

  • Improve your online presence
  • Better understand your customers and how they use your site
  • Make more informed resource allocation decisions
  • Drive more revenue and benefit from your website and digital assets

SEER will guide you through the process of setting up or enhancing Google Analytics on your site, developing your KPIs and tracking methods, and creating custom dashboards and easy-to-understand reports. We dig into data to find answers to your marketing questions such as:

  • Does Facebook or Twitter have a greater impact on my conversions?
  • Where am I losing visitors in the conversion process?
  • Which landing pages are performing best?
  • How can I tie user behavior on my website to the customer data I already have?

We can even take it a step further by answering the questions you didn’t ask. By applying knowledge from our experience with hundreds of clients across numerous industries, we review your data for things you might not have considered such as finding “lost” pages that your users are looking for, testing which applications get the most engagement, or reviewing how algorithm changes are affecting your site.

SEER’s Analytics Services

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