• rymcl

    This is a nice step-by-step article on eCommerce content strategy. You don’t see too much of this type of articles. “1. Build an overall URL” is really important. Kudos for bringing it all together.

  • Dries Bultynck

    Great to see you’re aiming Q4. Many clients don’t get it when you need to ‘build’ these things over time and not over night.

  • Darren Moloney

    Good stuff, we’ve suggested the versus content strategy to clients which seems to have gone down well, love the tagcrowd tip – will pass this onto a couple of clients we’re working with.

  • Ryan Fontana

    @rymcl:disqus glad it was helpful, i’m always open to feedback if you have suggestions on how to build on it. Agreed, building the overall URL is important, just as important as the content you are putting on those sub-category URLs. If the guide seems too promotional and not educational, I don’t see a chance at building links

    @driesbultynck:disqus exactly! all the reason why I put this out in August. Hope it gives you some leverage when you are making a pitch to get started now but let me know how I can help.

    @twitter-17138936:disqus let me know when you pass it on and how it goes. If “vs” isn’t yielding great results try “with” “and” “compared to”, etc. I like to test variations to get a better feel for what the consumer really wants to get out of the search

    thanks all!