The Ultimate List of IFTTT Recipes for Marketers

Here at SEER, we’re big proponents of scaling and automating as many tasks as possible so that we can spend the bulk of our time strategizing for our clients. So, we’re huge fans of IFTTT. If you’re not familiar with IFTTT, it’s simple. IFTTT is a free tool that you can use to connect different […]

Inside SEER: Putting the Kibosh on Copyright Infringement

Our Inside SEER series cracks open SEER’s internal resource archives to share our best practices with others.The latest post in this SEERies shares our team’s insights on the issue of copyright infringement. You’ll discover what tools you can use to protect yourself against plagiarized copy and what channels to go through to help restore your rankings and […]

Mastering PPC: Easy Ways to Find Value on Twitter

Twitter has filed for an IPO, which will likely make some early investors and employees very wealthy.  You too can profit from Twitter, except more likely as an advertiser rather than an investor.   There are four ways to advertise on Twitter.  I’ve already dived into the mechanics of these in earlier posts, but to […]

Part Two: Four AdWords Paid & Organic Report Questions Answered

Many good things come in four.  My favorite four things that come in fours may be the weather seasons, the NCAA Final Four, FDR’s Four Freedoms and the A-Team. Source – Last week, I wrote about initial AdWords paid and organic report data.  The paid and organic report links Google Webmaster tool data with […]

Part One: AdWords Paid & Organic Report Results

SEER recently implemented the new AdWords paid and organic report for six of our clients.  The paid and organic report links Google Webmaster tool data with AdWords data to show how PPC and SEO interact on a click through basis.  PPC Hero wrote a great post on how to set up the paid and organic […]

Mastering PPC: Ad Tips & Tricks Pt. 2 – Image Ads

Text ads may be the bread and butter of the paid search industry (and Jackie did a great job the other week breaking down the ins and outs of putting together great text ads), but there is another ad type that also pulls its weight around the paid search house, and can be used in […]

Mastering PPC: Budgeting Basics

The process of setting up campaign budgets can easily be overlooked when setting up a PPC account or new campaign, but there are a few things you may want to consider which could impact performance. Google and Bing do a great job explaining their budget settings. At a high level, Google and Bing allow you […]

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