• Anne H

    I think Check My Links will do what you want for Chrome. It color codes and gives you a count.

  • Justin M.

    I love this method :) It’s been one of my secret weapons for some time now.
    A lot of times you’ll find that spammers (usually for porn or other shady sites) have purchased or redirected domains that have since expired and the webmaster has no idea and is still linking out to them. Pointing that out to them will get their attention and they’ll be very grateful.
    If you help them completely clean up their directory and also get your relevant link placed the webmaster will probably go back to ignoring it for years and you’ll end up with a juicy link which will be nearly impossible for your competitors to get. :)
    And yes, the bonus is that you’re actually helping to clean up the web. Very time consuming, but definitely worth it.

  • Dean Cruddace

    Just a quick note Napolean, linkchecker is not compatible with some of the beta versions of FF (4.0 b6 and upwards). Something the dev of that plugin could maybe look at?

  • Napoleon Suarez

    @Anne – Thanks for the extension recommendation. I will check it out and as promised, if it works, I will add a link to your TimeAtlas site in my next blog post.

    @Justin – Very good observation. It is really interesting how much web churn goes on within just a year’s time. Have you written some material on this method? I would love to check it out if you have.

    @Dean – Good catch. I have not upgraded my FF in a long time as I have switched to using Chrome. I will keep that in mind. I would hate to lose this tool by upgrading. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Rachael Gerson

    @Dean We use a lot of plugins here and it used to be frustrating when Firefox would upgrade but the plugins would not get newer versions. For this reason, we started using this great plugin:

    Add the MR Tech Toolkit plugin to Firefox, restart Firefox. Open the Add Ons window, select the Extensions category, go to the Tools menu, then select Make All Compatible. Once you restart Firefox, all of your plugins will be compatible with whatever version of Firefox you’re using.

    Enjoy :)

  • Anne H

    @Rachael thanks for the FF tip on MR Tech Toolkit. I run into the same issue sos good to know this may resolve compatibility issues.

  • Rachael Gerson

    @Anne Happy to share! This reminds me, I’m overdue to share some plugins with everyone! More favorite plugins coming soon. I’m testing your Check My Links plugin, as well.

  • Napoleon Suarez

    Hey, Anne. The link checker Chrome extension works like a charm. It is very fast and it even adds the status code next to the “bad” link. I will show some link love to you TimeAtlas site in my next post. Stay tuned :)

  • Murray

    Wow, this is super brilliant.

    If you’ve got an authority site, this would be no problem at all especially if the links aren’t around anymore. Just the other day I was digging through my old comments and found a large amount of early sites that are no longer online so I want to remove the links but I was also thinking about swiping up the domains; choices choices.

  • Napoleon Suarez

    @murray – That’s the key. The stronger your resource, the easier this strategy is. Great idea to save old comments to revisit at a later date. I don’t remember the exact stats, but there is a significant amount of website churn on the ‘net and one person’s forgotten blog could be a link builder’s dream. Thanks for checking out the blog!

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  • Richard Estregan

    Oh that’s great…I never thought there’s a plugin that can check links or broken links as I used Colibri tool to check broken links, track and measure the result of your website. It’s good to know that developers developed this plugin that I can use to check the broken links of my website. Also want to share this tools that I am using too. You can check it here