• Gregory Smith

    This is spot on guys. I too share the same feelings about Yahoos directory. But have you asked yourself if the link from the Yahoo directory adds value to your link profile and helps increase your search engine rankings, in turn driving ultimate conversions? Just something for you to consider.

  • AFreezee

    Hi Greg, awesome point! We definitely talked about that internally and believe that the fact Google removed Yahoo from their guidelines in 2008 indicates that there is probably not a whole lot of SEO value in the link. I really appreciate you bringing up that point. Thank you for the comment.

  • Jason Lancaster

    I’ve always been a fan of taking money I plan to waste to Vegas…

  • Eric Ward

    Yahoo still has a directory? ;)

  • Matt Mortensen

    awesome advice! just what i was looking for. i was trying so hard to be on yahoo’s side. guess i just like the underdog but it’s not for me as far as seo goes. thanks for sharing!