• Steve

    Great post, definitely an underused outreach method!

  • VaheV

    I would add to use social tools like topsy or follow wonk to find influencers (twitter & google +) by specific keywords.

    Let us know what you think.

  • Jon Cooper

    Great post – I’ve never heard of using twitter’s search for link building. Another weapon for my link building arsenal :)

  • livingseolife

    This is awesome post Ethan! I have used twitter a bit, but the way you have shown here will see me using many more hours on twitter building links+relationships. Seo can not get any better than this!

    - livingseolife

  • Michael Fokken – Marketing Ideas

    Thanks for the post. Sometimes it’s nice to get out of the great google. I just talked about 4 ways to use Google Alerts to accomplish a little bit of the same thing.

  • Ben Posicionamiento Web

    Ethan, I really liked the tip about using twitter search for finding people who publish guest posts, I never thought of doing it like that, I just found through google. An added benefit of this is you can see if your published guest post will get some traction if the person is an influencer and tweets a link to the post.

  • Darren

    Excellent tips. Twitter is an extremely important tool for B2B marketing, and using it for link building can help you extend your link profile.

  • Dana DiTomaso

    Thanks for the great post! I’m doing a seminar on social media this evening and will include your article in the links.

  • Joseph Chambers

    This is AWESOME. Reaching out via twitter is more personal than email and you get a better chance at getting a response!

  • John Smith

    Interesting post how do you suggest measuring the success and ROI of this method? To show its successful?

  • Om Thoke

    Oh i never thought about doing this… but luckily in my niche i’ve never run out of blogs to do guest posts :)

  • Ethan Lyon

    Thanks everyone!

    @John – The way you measure ROI is with links, then how those links impact rankings, which in turn will result in traffic and conversions. It follows the same way you would measure ROI in other linking strategies.

  • Sebastian Cowie

    Guest Blogging has become more of a mainstream link building tactic and since the popularisation of it by major players in the business it’s really taken off. The best thing about it is that it’s pretty future proof. It requires a lot of effort, manual approval and you’re providing readers with content that they really want to absorb.

    I would say that sourcing automation would be the natural next step but where’s the fun in that? :p

  • Igor B.

    Strong tips. Thanks!

  • Simon

    I feel guilty reading this topic. I belong to those people not using Twitter in my SEO work, however my buddy is handling the it. Still thanks for this, made me realize more how useful Twitter is in SEO field. :)

  • Onfire

    Wow, we gotta use twitter more!!!