• Philippe

    Very good list of strategies to start, Emma! Great tips. Specially I hadn’t thought of points 4 and 6.

  • Graeme Benge

    Effective, simply and pretty quick too – great stuff Emma.

  • mmstll

    Thanks Philippe! #6 is great, especially if your client or brand has a large social following.

    Also works if you have well-known figureheads in an organization as it gives you much more to work with besides ONLY the companies’ main profiles.

  • mmstll

    Thanks Graeme!

  • Blake Denman

    Good read. Just a heads up that the Moz OSE link you have is a link to ahrefs :)

  • mmstll

    Thanks Blake, good catch :) Updated.

  • Phillip Moorman

    This is a great list. I can’t believe I haven’t tried the social profile method yet. I’ve been using Followerwonk and Topsy to find site/blogs relevant to our clients and then compiling a list of those domains. I’ll use those domains in site searches like “brand” to find mentions. This works fairly well depending on the industry and of course the client.

    Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to give Talkwalker Alerts a try soon.

  • mmstll

    Thanks Phillip! Great call using Followerwonk/Topsy to find relevant sites for possible unlinked mentions. Another way I’ll use a “ brand” search aside from unlinked mentions, is If I’m doing cold outreach to see if they’ve already written something about my client in the past, and if they have I’ll reference it in my outreach to strengthen the relationship.

    Seriously. Talkwalker. It’s a beast. Replace all your Google Alerts with it and enjoy the amazing difference :)

  • Ayman Albarbary

    I am the second to say 4, and 6 are great strategies. Never ever thought of it. Thanks a million Emma!

  • Eric Murphy

    Thanks for detailing how to go about this. I am working on my own ecommerce site and hope your techniches will get me to the first page or at least a higher domain authority.

  • Tyron Wright

    If you want more free trasffic from google then you should read this.

  • rakesh kumar singh

    interesting Emma ! amazing link building guides. Completely agree.

  • Ian Lim

    I have used a lot of SEO tools in my time. Some good and some useless. This one worked pretty well.

  • Greg Kristan

    These are great! Thanks for the insight :)