• Laura

    I love that you mentioned the Excel formulas that you use. These things save me so much time every day, yet no one ever talks about them. I also find that the =Proper formula can be useful when creating ad text in bulk (still requires a bit of editing, of course) I’ve never used the VLookup, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks Morgan!

  • Cathy Reisenwitz

    Where did you go to school? I’m so jealous you got any kind of PPC training in college. We were learning how to physically set type, and I graduated in 2008!

  • Theresa B. Clarke

    Thank you for this excellent post Morgan. Your tips and advice are right on target for helping others understand PPC at a much greater depth. I am going to make this blog post one of the required readings for my Google Challenge students in the future.

  • Mark Kennedy

    Hi Morgan, nice post. Number three is the most important one on here. It really makes an impact on the bottom line. I’m sure the both of us could cite lots of examples :)

    Also, I found a cool tool that I use now and then for wrapping keywords. Might help save some of my fellow PPC’ers some time…

    Not the best website in the world, but the tool works great.

  • Morgan

    Thanks for the great feedback everyone, glad to know you’re enjoying my post!

    @Laura – I will definitely have to try the =Proper formula on excel. And, I completely agree! Excel is one of the most important parts of PPC or any analytical job for that matter. VLookup is the greatest time saving formula, let me know how you like it!

    @Cathy – I went to Penn State! Where did you go? The Google Online Marketing Challenge has been spreading to more and more colleges and universities throughout the world, but I wish there was more training in PPC as well!

    @Theresa – Thank you for recommending my post – I am very happy to help out any new PPC students!

  • Morgan

    @Mark – Thanks for the great tool and feedback! I’ll share that with the rest of the team and try it out for the next round of keyword building :-)

  • Cathy Reisenwitz

    @Morgan I went to a small, private liberal arts university which was really enjoyable and nurturing but hardly up-to-the-minute and focused on technology. I actually studied journalism but ended up in SEO. I really wished I had studied programming and internet marketing in school, it would’ve served me much better than learning the inverted pyramid.

  • Chad Summerhill

    Hi Morgan, I enjoyed your post. Thought I would provide a link to a post I wrote recently that uses the VLOOKUP formula to help calculate PEER METRICS:

    I also provide a free download of the example spreadsheet that has the formulas for calculating peer comparisons with a statistical significance check. So you can answer questions like, “How many text ads are performing 30% below their ad-group peers at a significant level?”.

    Hope you readers find it helpful and relevant.



  • Morgan

    @Chad – Thank you so much for your feedback and this great tool. We are always looking for new ways to test statistical significance – I look forward to sharing this with the team and letting you know our results!

    Thanks again for the great recommendation!

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