• Eric Van Buskirk

    Ethan, I can’t even
    imagine how much time it took to do all this trend analysis. This is not just
    one blog posts, it’s 10. For me, I would like to share your SEMrush
    portion with companies looking to use our data but need an SEO that “gets
    it.” I talk to people every day about doing Search trend analysis,
    but clearly your methodology is far more advanced. I’m actually amazed
    how few SEOs understand how to do serious keyword/AdWord trend analysis for
    audits and to verify success. OK, I’m
    biased, we are both in Philadelphia. Otherwise, no bias at all.
    Fantastic work.

  • Ethan Lyon

    Thank you for the kind words Eric. There are so many ways to use SEMRush data for competitive analysis to keyword research. Overall, really impressed by your data and the cool things we can do with it.

  • Jamie Press

    Terrific resource, Ethan. I love the content calendar. Genius!

  • DreamzTech Australia

    Lovelly post. Content is now the key factor for the SEO. This post will help lots of content writers.

  • Ethan Lyon

    Thanks Jamie!

  • mstricker

    Ethan, this dynamic visualization not only provides actionable guidance but its playfulness invites exploration! the little pointers you throw in add to its practical applicability. Great stuff! Thank you!

  • Ethan Lyon

    Thank you for the kind words Michael.

  • Darren Terpstra

    Ethan, freaking amazing work man, it’s amazing on so many levels. May I ask if the interactive “internet content calendar” is anywhere so I can work with it?

  • Darren Terpstra

    I mean, if it’s not saved anywhere, no biggie. Just curious.
    Thanks again Ethan! :)