• anthonydnelson

    Nice post Brett. I almost wonder in this case if the initial screw-up actually led to a higher response rate. The fact that you followed up with a more personal apology makes you seem way more real and authentic than any initial semi-canned email is going to be. Some great advice here that applies to all of us link builders.

  • Bob Jones

    The canned responses plugin is just what I needed! We use Google apps for a lot of our link-building via email, and copy-pasting certain templates from notepad was always a bit of a struggle, especially with highlighting the fields you wanted to personalize before sending off the email.

    Thanks for the tip, outstanding work :)

  • Justin Briggs

    I think we’ve all been here before. Once sent out some emails via a client’s email and made the mistake of signing the email with my name instead of the email’s name. I got some odd replies, and simply addressed them honestly. Especially with examples of some link building emails being “outted” in the last few months, I think the transparency is a good call.

  • Brett Snyder

    @Anthony Hard to say whether or not this increased our response rate, but you could certainly make the argument (as you did!)…the added trust and authenticity is definitely a strong relationship-building signal though for sure

    @Bob LOVE the canned responses over here, glad you can find some use for them as well

    @Justin Thanks for sharing your experiences! We learn more from our failures than our mistakes and taking that honesty approach helps us improve in the future. Also to your point, it helps avoid embarrassing situations if/when someone ELSE chooses to call you out on it and you have to play defense rather than offense.

    Thanks again everyone!