• Bill Sebald

    I like this. I’m all for being able to see data correlation in a visual way. Wish you could click on the node and go through to the page when applicable. Who’s going to create this variation for SEOs?

  • franck

    Hi Mark
    Great post. One question: would like to know which tool helps you gather social media data of your second graph?

  • Leandro

    Nice! This is a good way to visualize your backlink.

  • Seo Inside

    Great post.

    But what are the columns in the data file ?
    How are they filled with SEOMoz Open Site Explorer ?

    Thank you for your help.

  • Modi

    Hi Mark,

    That’s a really nice post. I was wondering how could a fusion graph like the above identify link networks as you’ve mentioned.

  • Mark Cianfrani

    Hey Bill,
    Unfortunately, there are a ton of features missing that I’d like to see, this being one of them. The good news is that, since the product is still in Beta, Google is very open to feedback.

  • Sandeep Gulati

    Hi Mark,
    Awesome Post! This is a great way to visualize your or competitors back-links, thanks for sharing this.

    I have a question regards to identify spammy link networks, what filter to use and what function under the Filter Section i.e. DA or PA < than 30 etc

  • Andrew

    I love this feature for visualizing backlinks.

    I do have a question though. Do you know if it can display the nodes by page authority and the higher the page authority, the further or closer the node will be to the center domain node? I used the filters and like how you can filter nodes, but I can’t seem to display the nodes in a logical way that points out the high page authority links when all are displaying and there are no filters on.


  • Manoj

    Quite useful to know what is possible/ how. Does seem like there is a some grunt work needed before we can get to the visual bit. Andrew’s question above is also very pertinent— knowing the nodes by page authority would be a lot more useful.

  • Mark Cianfrani

    Hi Andrew,

    Have you tried setting the “Weight” to Page Authority? This won’t do exactly what you want, but it will weigh the nodes by their Page Authority, the pages with a higher Page Authority will be shown first.

    There are a lot of great tools out there with a lot more customization, but the majority of them are very complicated and can take a lot of time to set up.

    I agree, there is some grunt work involved, but if you’ve already got your data in a Google Spreadsheet, it only takes a few seconds to get rolling with this.

  • mike

    Nice, like to see this for Facebook, with the weigth of the links and if they are follows and in different colours.

  • Sven Witteveen

    Inspired by this I wrote a post on the YouMOZ blog on how you can visualize the internal linkingstructure in a similar way:

  • Rashmi

    This post has helped me simplifying few things like collecting and cleaning data. This is a much better way of organizing links.

  • Mark Cianfrani

    Hey Sven,

    Great post! Love the tip to add S: and T: to each column to get the color separation.

  • tateberry

    This is excellent. I saw something similar with the Dutch police who wanted to see who was connected with who in the criminal underworld!

  • technicaltitch

    I’d be interested to know what are the alternatives you mention? Thanks

  • Ricardo Antunes

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