• Mark Kennedy

    Good post, Bonnie. I think you covered them all, but I do have a few minor things I do when I first inherit a new account (right after I check all the other things and settings you mentioned).

    1) Turn on the Quality Score Column. Why this isn’t a default column/setting I’ll never know.

    2) Run a Search Query Report and a Placement Report. I get a lot of accounts that don’t run reports. You can’t improve without data and you need to find those negative keywords and excluded placements.

    3) Just for clarity sake, I rename campaign names and adgroups if they are the usual “Adgroup #1″ or “Campaign #1″. But most likely I’ll be revamping with my own names anyway.

  • Bonnie

    Like always Mark, thank you for your thoughtful comments on SEER’s blog. Placement reports are a huge one too. Nice call on that! Placement and SQ reports can save you a ton of money and help you eliminate inefficient for sure. Definitely rename ambiguous ad groups and campaigns for sure as well.

  • Alan Mitchell

    Hi Bonnie,

    Some nice tips. Especially agree with point 5 – budgeting. Reducing CPC bids when daily campaign budgets are being hit is one of the easiest yet effective things you can do to improve PPC performance (I recently wrote an article about the importance of effective budgeting for PPC ).

    Also completely agree with point 8 – having tightly-themed ad groups with ads relevant to those keywords. Nothing beats having a good ad group structure in PPC, and its one of those things that a PPC advertiser needs to get right at the start.


  • Charlie Strickler

    What a great post. Im fairly new to ad-words and I learned more in the few minutes it took to read your post than I did in hours reading through Google tutorials. I had corrected some of the mistakes prior to reading the post but when I first started I was guilty of every mistake that applied to my client’s business. I hope there will be more 10 most common mistakes posts on other SEM topics.

  • Bonnie Schwartz

    Thanks Alan! Great post as well, on how to maximize your budget. If you have a set budget lowering your bids to maximize the total number of clicks is sometimes a very effective way to make the most out of your budget. One word of caution is to make sure you are not bidding so low on key terms that you end up falling off the first page.

  • Bonnie Schwartz

    Thanks Charlie for your awesome feedback! I am glad the post was helpful and you caught many of the common error listed in the post.

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