• Kathryn Dawson

    Great post Wil. If you don’t have the option of “related searches” in search tools what is the best alternative way to see the same results?

  • Kathryn Dawson

    Ignore that, its at the bottom of the listings of course. I’m excited to see ‘wiki’ and ‘definition’ next to the phrase I was researching when I read this post – fist pump friday!

  • Michael Griffin

    “Related Searches” and Google suggests are both great tools for content generation and your workflow makes ‘em easy to use. Thanks for sharing!

  • chaudhary amir

    Linked Searches” in addition to Search engines advises tend to be each good gear
    with regard to content era plus your workflow makes ‘em user-friendly and
    uncomplicated. Many thanks with regard to giving!Thanks

  • Textbroker

    I was recently searching for 3 in 1 jackets, so you had me hooked from the start! Nice post, great tip on assets for Wikipedia.

  • Dan Rippon

    Looks like Google just removed that “Related searches” Hopefully it’s only a glitch.

  • Johnny O’Toole

    Solid Post Wil. Love the example and thorough explanation, I’ll be putting this to use!

    ps. @twitter-15036387:disqus I hope “Fist pump Friday” doesn’t mean what I think it does….

  • Jeremy Estes

    Hey Wil – I just watched a video of you doing a #RCS presentation and had to look Seer up. I literally do this EXACT strategy for learning new industries, or developing infographic themes. To take it a step further, especially if I’m going the infographic route, I’ll search for “History of _____”. I can’t think of an instance yet where I wasn’t rewarded with an outdated, boring webpage as the “authority” on the subject. Soooo many links to be had.

    BTW – I love the “KEYWORD vs” related results trick.

  • Kathryn Dawson

    @facebook-501119723:disqus could you explain what you think fist pump friday means to you? Seems crystal clear to me so I’m not sure what you are implying.

  • Darren Moloney

    Thanks for writing this up, I did something similar for a client’s keyword phrase where we had to rank “against” Google, Matt Cutts, a Google VC funded company in the same space (who quickly gained organic rankings, funny that!) as well as many other news related items that come up in the space regularly.

    Using “What, Why, Where, When and How” in your content is a very effective strategy for us to position clients up on 1st page of SERPS.

    “Related Searches” does not show in my Search Tools on Google, I thought they had previously removed that feature? Still there’s always :)

  • ronellsmith

    Was just attempting a search, then read that Google has removed it.

  • wilreynolds

    Yeah the feature was removed from the time I started the post until I finished it, damn them!

  • wilreynolds

    @twitter-975058220:disqus isn’t “history of” a GREAT search, try when did * acquire and you get some interesting things you can do for timeline style content. TY for the comment bro, I feel like no matter how much I share this, so many people still don’t do it for content strategy.