• Jennifer

    What about adding a City name like “Memphis” ? Will that help or will the name of the city over ride the actual Query? I searched “the following companies” hotel furnishings Memphis. found alot of hotels in Memphis. Not companies whe provide hotel furnishings. Any advice how to target local?

  • Adam Melson

    Jennifer – good question and thanks for reading. If you only offer hotel furnishings in Memphis, it makes sense to add a city name, but the search might be too specific. If you already supply hotel furnishings to places in Memphis, see if they’ll link to you in a resources section or about our hotel section. Definitely more likely for boutique hotels to have this vs the big boys.

    In terms of targeting local search, I’d check out another blog post on targeting local links: – hopefully you’ll be able to find some here. You can also try adding a Google tag to your places listing to make it more prominent if you’re competing with a decent amount of local places.

  • Jennifer

    I was trying to find our competitors in Memphis. We are not located in Memphis. I will check out the other blog post. Thank you.