• Damion

    Utterly stunning post, thanks Jessica. I work with agencies where this sort of process simply doesn’t exist, and plenty of headaches are caused. I’ll be sure to circulate this for many months to come.

  • Jessica Hill

    Thanks, Damion. Glad you can put it to use! After working through many redesigns, this process has definitely helped avoid potential issues.

  • Adrian Drysdale

    Great list! +1

  • Atniz

    You have covered a lot of things to check on regular basis like Crawl errors on GWT. This is one of the most important errors that overlooked by many webmasters.

  • Sam Osborne

    This is something I have been working on internally recently, the removing dev from search is the bit I have pondered as robots.txt hasn’t always worked, have considered running site on a local server and allowing vpn access for clients but its a pain.

    The passwording the site is genius and i am annoyed I hadn’t thought of it! Thanks for the great article

  • Darren

    Great post, thanks Jessica! We’re looking into redesigning our site and this def. jumped out at me: “Ensure that key internal pages don’t lose link juice through changing the main navigation, removing footers, removing key links from the home page, etc.” The redesign is going to look a lot different and we want to make sure we don’t mess with our rankings as we whittle down what works and what doesn’t for our site. Thanks!

  • Keith

    This is great. I just used this…again…to send to a client that asked about what goes into setting up a site for SEO at launch.


  • Briony

    Just thought I should drop a thank you note, as I’ve used this excellent checklist a couple of times now to help support site launch. Really thorough and very helpful – so thank you very much!

  • Richard Giles

    Top stuff, cheers!

  • Wundle Group

    Great post! A lot of helpful tips. Its hard enough just agreeing with what clients want as well as managing all this behind the scenes. I’m sure they think this stuff just happens by magic :)

  • Freelance Web Designer

    neat checklist, about to test and launch today

  • Roberts Van Graham

    Thanks for posting this. I’m currently in the process of redesigning my website from regular static HTML to WordPress. There are a lot of points that I Was able to pick up from your article. I have done massive research as well regarding website redesign and SEO considerations. Apart from SEER’s blogpost this one is helpful as well I hope this helps other readers as well. Again, thanks for the excellent post