• Tim Biden

    That is the funniest blog post I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks for the wisdom that was laid out amongst all the laughs.

  • Laura Lippay


  • Adrian

    Really good post, well done. A good mix of humour and some excellent advice. Getting on to Matt Cutts’ radar can be no bad thing either.

  • Richard Williams

    Nice article! I’ve recently discovered the google webmaster help channel on youtube and it has really helped me fix some bad habits I had that probably weren’t doing me any SEO favours.

    It’s all about lots of small wins with SEO for sure.


  • Rae Alton

    I’ve got another one for you:
    “Your spammy sites are invisible buttocks… and I will spank them.”

  • Hvepse Hvepsebo

    This is a very funny article :-) I’m a big fan of Matt Cutts, and the pictures you have used combined with your headlines are outstanding :-)

    Great work!

  • Ian Miller

    Great article. SEER are raspidly becoming one of the best agency blogs in the business with intelligent, actionable posts, please keep it up :)

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    Grat post. You have make a great compilation about what really matters in Seo, but everyone of us must keep on learning about that. SEO is changing over and over but the basics are the same.

  • Carla Marshall

    Haha, fantastic esp #1

  • Dan John

    Great post! Nice summary of some of Matt’s thoughts and videos over the last few months :-D

  • Jerry Lu

    Great article Adam! Great tips, and VERY creative! Absolutely loved it!

  • Stu Draper

    Matt Cutts will get a kick out of this post. Hillarious. I wish I had been so creative!

  • Adam Melson

    Laura & Adrian – glad you enjoyed it. Richard – it’s most definitely about the small wins. A handful of links, a few content changes, optimizing using webmaster tools feedback, reviewing & taking action on competitor strategies, all the small items ad up to big wins.

  • John Patrick

    Great summary and it made my smile too :)

  • Brian

    Very clever. I laughed out loud a few times.. Nice job :)

  • Adam Melson

    John & Brian – happy to make people smile & laugh some while talking about SEO. Definitely a passion for everyone at SEER. Hope there are some good takeaways here too.

  • Jon Henshaw

    Holy crap that’s funny! I kept thinking of other headings/captions I would have written for the pictures ;)

  • Chris

    Great article, I like the ninja pose. It really is all about the little things, my checklist for clients starts with 6 key points but breaks down to over 30 subtopics as we work through a site. It really is amazing how many things you can do to improve SEO, before you spend a penny on advertising. Of course paid ads are a useful tool as well but I agree one has to be careful just what one pays for.

  • Peter

    Awesome. Bend it like Matt Cutts

  • Lee Smith-Bryan

    Absolute quality post. Loved it.

  • Guest

    This made me laugh alot as I always state Matt uses so many hand expressions.

  • Kamakshi Sri

    Adam, You are damn good an interpreter, even Matt Cutts can’t find it otherwise than a good combo of humor and intelligence. What made you think the titles for those snaps. They seem so much in harmony with each other.

    The best part is that I am a follower of Matt Cutts and Matt himself has tweeted this. So, its there where you wanted it to reach. And you must be beware Of Matt coz “Just Like Wayne Brady, Matt Cutts Will Choke…A Website”

    Thanx for sharing man.

  • Yaniv Navot

    Brilliant stuff. Matt Cutts can be so theatrical sometimes.

  • Adrian Drysdale

    Right on, hahaha waiting for Matt Cutts to write a response!

  • Moggu

    Ha-ha,thanks for smile. :)

  • Michael Cropper

    Ha ha ha great images and captions! :-D

  • Pure Performance

    My kidney’s hurt from laughing.

    Excellent Article.

  • Jake

    hilarious- i liked the Matt will choke a …website- very creative

  • Web Hosting

    LoL, great article, just found it, great way to close a long day. hahaha

  • genkinkainfo

    Funny yet well composed post!! Thumb Up!!

  • James Svoboda

    LOL. Perfect captions for these pics!

  • Larsinho

    Great! Thanks. :)

  • Srikanth AD

    It would be “cool” if Matt Cutts did a contrast blog post with Wil Reynold’s pictures on his blog :)
    (big fan of SEER)

  • Misae

    I especially feel for point 4. Which doesn’t apply to a pure link bait article like this – a creative communications comedy classic!

  • Jack Humphrey

    Funny – and he was describing all those things in each video just like you said. A lot of people are too short to play with Google.

  • Nasif

    Haha !!! Imao

  • web optimization consultant

    thankyou we can learn alot from this post not just on what you said but how you did it very informative and humorous.cheers

  • Stephen Guise

    Nice use of pictures. Haha, sometimes I feel like Google controls my destiny. This is one area where I plan to stay inside the lines. :-D

  • Colin

    Had to laugh reading that. Very funny!

  • Robert

    Hahahaha… classic. Of course being creative won’t hurt your SEO efforts either ;)

    Thanks for a good laugh, I particularly enjoyed “you must to be this tall” point.

  • Samantha Goldberg

    Completely unexpected and very amusing, enjoyed that, thank you!

  • Gyi Tsakalakis

    Nice. But Matt is an excellent dancer…

  • Syed

    If pictures say a thousand words….this post was 7,000 words. Great post – made my day

  • Adam

    I wonder how many different colour polo shirts Matt actually has ! lol

  • Brad Crooks

    hey Adam…. if you ever want to do a similar article around pictures of Wil, I’ve got a lot of them.

  • Joel Bangahon

    very informative indeed! In my first blogging attempt and learn the basic SEO, i must admit that i do spam keywords on ALT tag. Now that the Panda update update is up, i will be very careful this time. I will implement white hat SEO in my new blog and i will provide quality content for all my readers.

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    I don’t trust matt cutts anymore cause they never say anything useful.

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