• SEER SEO Associate

    Too bad. At SEER, a 40 hour work week is a farce. You know it.

  • Sunny Reed

    So glad you’re happy, Azfer!!!

  • Mr. Couldabeen

    I remember having that “That’s meeee!!!!” moment, too. I encountered the video during my job search last December… it was fairly late in the evening, and I had been applying for jobs the whole day when I finally sat down to watch it. I remember feeling so giddy, as soon as it was over I jumped up and recorded a video message to Wil, thanking him… without bothering to shave, or think about a clear message, or any other semblance of professionalism. It didn’t end in matrimony for me, but I am no less impressed by Wil and the organization he created. Keep rockin, guys!