• Maria

    Great post. This is the type of thinking that stimulates the economy. In rough times we often make the situation worse by panicking, which can then stunt future growth. By optimizing your business, instead of just universally cutting back, you can turn hard times into opportunities. Good tips. Thanks.

  • Seth Goldstein

    Great Post! You really highlight what companies need to do to stay afloat in these turbulent times.

  • Adam

    Thanks Maria & Seth! Making the most of what you’re currently spending & finding ways to get it cheaper at the same quality is critical, recession or not. Why not use less expensive outlets (or free in twitter’s case).

  • Adam

    That’s a pretty groovy way of using Twitter for finding leads as well as an interesting way of keeping your brews cold…lol..

  • William Lutz

    Thank I’m always looking for ways to get greener

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