• Sidra Condron

    David, Thanks for such a thorough review. You definitely did your homework! I had hoped I could offer some news, but it looks like you’re on top of the developments we have coming up.

    One thing I can update, though, is the use of exact match for our SEO data. We’ve recently updated our PPC figures to reflect phrase matching (in most cases), but SEO data is exact. I hope that gives you more confidence in what you’re presenting.

    We’re really excited about what people are accomplishing with Recon Files reports. And as we get feedback, it’s helping us direct improvements for these reports. So keep the feedback coming!

  • David Karalis

    I’m glad you liked the overview!

    Good to know that it is now Exact; I’ll have to check out the reports again. I will be sure to continue giving feedback!

  • Greg Moore

    You lead off with a clever use of Recon reports. If you appear on page two of the search results and no one ever clicks, you won’t see that search phrase reflected as a visitor in your web analytics reports and you might miss optimizing for it. Recon reports show you and practically shout, “Hey! Optimize for this search phrase!”

    I’ve run a lot of these reports and found another use. They have nice bar charts that make a dramatic change in traffic for a particular search phrase stand out. One client (without me knowing) decided to remove a page when they redesigned the look of their site. That page was ranking well for a particular search phrase and bringing in a lot of visitors – until it was removed.

    Just a quick glance at the Recon report was all I needed to see an *emergency* situation.

    I blogged about this use of Recon reports here:

    And hey, I know it’s silly, but do you like their fun YouTube videos as much as me? This is my favorite:


  • David Karalis

    @Greg – Thank you for the positive feedback! These reports definitely help catch things you normally would miss and help you find missed opportunities (or where you’ve fallen off without realizing). Definitely a good safety net.

    You wrote a good review/overview as well!

  • Becky

    Question for you: Is the data really two months old? I’m running reports today, 1/2/12 and the date of the reports are Sitename-20111101.pdf.

    All charts only show through November — and with 11-01 as the date on the report, it looks to me like it’s two months old.

    Their live chat is not manned at the moment, so… can’t ask them.

    Do you know if this is true?



  • Sidra Condron

    Hi, Becky
    I’m sorry we weren’t available to answer your question right away. You might have reached our live chat support by now, but your question is a great one and could be shared by others.

    You pegged it that the data is due to be updated. We update our site every month, generally in the first week of the month. What we roll out this week will be a roll-up of everything we captured and calculated in December.

    Since we are waiting on this month’s update, that is why you are seeing the “oldest” data in a report.

    A little about the date 11/1:

    When we rolled-up our findings, we named the entire batch of data 11/1 regardless of where in November we found it. Everything we put on the site in early December was called 11/1. This week, the data will be named 12/1. Confusing, huh? I swear it made sense at the time.

    We don’t try to pass off our data as real time, and we keep it as current as possible. In fact, the Recon Files reports that you are running are so in-depth that we separate them from the rest of the site so that we can take the time needed for a deep data crunch of what we have found.

    I hope that helps. If there are specific details I haven’t answered for you, please drop us a note on live chat or reach me on Twitter (@SpyFu)


  • David Karalis

    Thanks for answering Becky’s question Sidra! You provided a much more detailed response than I could :)

  • Jean

    I have tried SpyFu only to find out that when comparing to known data for my own sites that SpyFu falls very short of accuracy. Furthermore, when you ask for the “no questions 30 day money back guranteee”, forget it. This guy will never reply to you. Had to do a chargeback.