• Stuart Draper

    Love the out of the box approach, fast implementation, and communication between agency and client! I try to help my employees think the same way and have the same type of relationship with our clients. In hindsight, it is easy to see that this wouldn’t work because people have VERY focused intent when they do a search for a viral video and they aren’t the target market. The client still loves you for trying and being creative, and can’t wait for your next suggestion/idea. Keep on keepin’ on!

    On a side note, another shipping company could do a really cool viral video piggy backing on this if they had jumped at the same time. OR, is it not too late?

  • Francis Shovlin

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. Definitely agree with you about people being very focused on their original intent. You can even see that with our high bounce rate.

    I may have to take you up on your video suggestion though… :)

  • Stuart Draper

    DO IT!

  • Bill Bean

    I agree with Stuart. Out-of-the-box thinking and fast implementation FTW! You’ll never hit the ball, if you don’t swing. I think this was a very reasonable “swing.”

    Seems to me some other retailers (any one specialize in pants only?) missed out on an opportunity.

  • VIP Cases

    Clearly it is more of a way to get some decent brand awareness than to actually sell the service. Without teaching granny to suck eggs, the people searching for that keyword are not people looking for that service. They are people wanting to see a funny advert. Nice idea non the less.

  • Ryan Rollan

    This unique idea is really great and the effect of the method is really fast, its like it accelerate at top speed and it generate a huge amount of clicks. this so awesome. thank you for sharing this great post and i am loving it.

  • Francis Shovlin

    Thanks for reading Ryan!

  • Francis Shovlin

    Exactly. We got some exposure to users who likely weren’t familiar with our brand. Unfortunately, who knows if it stuck with any enough for them to come back when they actually need to use the service.

  • Francis Shovlin

    Even Kmart didn’t capitalize on it immediately. Eventually, they had some ads up, but that could have just been Google believing it was “relevant”, not an actual strategy.

  • Spook SEO

    Hi Francis!

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