• Richard Thomas

    Dont forget competing against affiliates – I do a lot of work in the travel industry and affiliates like are always trying to steel business away from hotels etc. its no 1 priority on these accounts to get the brand name as a PPC

  • HarrisNeifield

    Great point Richard. I’ve worked in the auto insurance field and seen affiliates outrank me. What we did was mandate affiliates bid to second position or lower, but in some situations this coordination isn’t possible.

  • Pieter Goyens

    I’m a king fan of the synergistic effect. Appearing in both places give you authority, leading
    to more business coming your way.

    Additionally, you can easily cover all possible variations of your brand, including misspellings and longer queries.

    It’s not a black or white, but depends on the context, industry, and objectives.
    But, if you are making more money than you spend. Why not?