• Wissam

    great post ! .. real nice ideas… but Amazon? i dnt think its the Real Amazon…

    link to amazon is tagged by an affiliate id = ” rochsingandfr-20″
    Cha Ching ! :D

  • James Svoboda

    I can almost feel the link juice leaking from with every word I read…

    Very good way to find groups to reach out to and sponsor though!

  • Lori

    I should notify you that Meetup has made some drastic chnages to their platform this week and has many of their organizers searching for alternatives. Just check out their own forum. So, before you invest in putting links there, I’d check if you get refunds if the grop dissappears. Organizers are also getting absolutely no customer support from the HQ. We are what keeps the groups active and together and MU is trying to make it more of a community arangement where the members have more control. I fear they have turned something wonderful into something that will soon fall apart.