• Minchala

    Re: tip #9 – BRILLIANT.

    For clients that have physical offices, see if they’re willing to hold workshops for local colleges on whatever their area of expertise is. So for example, a tech company specializing in database management can hold a workshop for the local Comp. Sci. students. This query is a good place to start lookin at what kind of events get companies listed in university event calendars:

    event calendar AND workshop AND resume OR interview intitle:computer intitle:department

    Swap out [computer] for whatever dept. is most relevant to the client. If you’re creative enough, the link might cost you a couple pizzas, some soda and some of your client’s time. This works even better if your client is hiring anyway ;-)

    Nice work here, sir!

  • AaronH

    Like the previous commenter I also latched onto #9 – Great tactic. We may have to talk about how to get Hoops For Hope out there for this year’s tourney!

  • Napoleon Suarez

    @ David – Thanks for the tip! Also a GREAT idea. People would be surprised at how far something as small as office space and some pizzas can go.

    @ Aaron – Anything Hoops for Hopes needs from a web perspective, I can handle it. Can’t make any promises with my performance on the court this year, though. Those high school kids schooled us last year :(

  • Ryan B

    I really like the idea of sponsoring a little league team, now that’s thinking outside the box. I’m still a little sad that our market has been so saturated that we have to resort to these type of things to get links. Even if it wasn’t, I think I would still do that one though.

  • Napoleon Suarez

    @ Ryan – I like that one, too. It involves the human element. I genuinely believe that people who do good things, will receive double. It’s something that I would do even if there was nothing for me to gain. Thanks for checking out the post!

  • Adrian Drysdale

    Number 9 is a killer of an idea. Sponsor next years events at a discount rate AND get the link up a year in advance. Genius!

  • Garret Akerson

    Great post! #9 is genius. @ Minchala great idea on opening up your doors for a local student club.

  • Kate Morris

    Nine is just awesome.

  • Napoleon Suarez

    @Adrian/Garrett/Kate – Yea, #9 was a secret I was almost not willing to share, but so many people in the community like yourselves have given me some great tips, it would have been a crime to hold that one in. Let me know if these tips work out for any of you.

  • Geordie Romer

    Some great ideas here. Sponsoring non-profits is a great way to get fantastic links. We have a local ski club that runs xc ski trails and one of their high PR pages is for “current conditions”. Local NPR stations often have arts or events calendars which can also be another nice link if you have an event to promote.

  • Napoleon Suarez

    Good ideas, Geordie. I’ll be sure to look into your ideas.

  • Dev Basu

    #9 is a head-smacking tip Napoleon. When we start working with enough new clients in a particular city, we literally draw up a who’s who of link prospects ranging from top blogs, to sports teams, and universities or non profits local to the city. Then applying #9 to their annual events, walks, runs, fundraisers and other such events is an awesome way to bring local high page rank link relevance w/o competing with the spam the competitors throw up.

  • Napoleon Suarez

    That “who’s who” of link prospects is KEY. It’s something that I have been polishing for my clients. Doing all the prospecting up front and them breezing through the list increases efficiency as opposed to “winging it” every day/week/month. Thanks for checking out the blog!

  • Jason Acidre

    Last tip – GENIUS!

    I have a similar type of content that was just published 3 days ago, and I think all of the ones I’ve listed there were overran by the last tip. That is something that I really have to try on my own outreach! Great stuff Napoleon.

  • John Monahan

    Some really thought-provoking items in this post, thank you very much. It heartens me that linkbuilding doesn’t have to be evil or spammy, but can even be helpful to the community when sponsoring things.

    Re: the last comment, do you typically let clients pick and choose from the list of link targets? Sorry if that’s a bit too specific to divulging your strategy but I’m very curious.

  • Napoleon Suarez

    @John Monahan: Whenever we are doing sponsorships, we always ask for the client’s approval. We want to make sure that we represent their brand in a way that works for them. That said, we would submit a prioritized list of targets to the client along with a brief explanation of why we think the link is valuable. Sometimes we get push back, but after a while, we start to understand the targets that the client is more willing to approve and we alter our research a bit. Thanks for checking out the blog!

  • Napoleon Suarez

    Thanks for checking the blog out, Jason. Care to share the link to your post? I’d like to give it a read.

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  • Marc Nashaat

    This article seems to be slightly before its time! Glad to see some quality link building strategies in these older posts :)

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