• Slava

    too much text, the post is unreadable.

  • Corey Shelton

    I too only read pictures. Wait.

    It’s Friday!

  • James Norquay

    Good post, some of the biggest big brand link building wins I have dealt with in the past are using the following: 1. Using high level big brand contacts to do huge PR launches 2. Finding people who have dropped old links for the brand and ask them to put them back. 3. Finding people who have stolen your brands content and ask them to link back, the bigger the brand they more content taken. 4. Using contacts with pre existing suppliers to get really high quality links. 5. Using the brand power to push content marketing with an SEO influence ;)

  • Ryan Rollan

    All aspects of SEO should be considered and all of them are important. The tips that you have given are all informative and i enjoy reading your post. thanks! great!

  • Matt Antonino

    The blogroll technique reminds me of my favorite “just Google them all together” strategy. I was running a food blog for awhile. I googled “food blog” and then searched combinations of the page 1 results – domains first, names second, etc. If you put 3 of your top competitors in one search, you find the sites you should be on. inurl:blog and you have many of those blogrolls. :)

  • Teresa Lopez

    Thanks for reading, Ryan!

  • Teresa Lopez


  • Teresa Lopez

    Oh, nice tip Matt! I’ll have to try this fancy “just Google them all together” strategy.

  • Teresa Lopez

    Hi James, I’m totally with you. #2-4 are some key, ongoing strategies that we’re using as well. There’s nothing like sending a short outreach message out for #3 and getting a link added almost immediately.