• David Iwanow

    Nice little read, I’ve been playing with Pinterest optimisation a little but yet to do anything more structured but starting to get some early insights but need to explore this in far more detail when I get a chance.

  • Jason Manion

    Seems like all the cool kids nowadays are replacing themselves as CEO.

  • bbarbot

    Congrats to both you and Crystal, Wil! Never a bad thing to know your own limits and comfort zone, and be willing to take a demotion to prove it. Brave.


    hey wil, (with one ‘l’ ;p )

    i sometimes poke fun at the seo world and popular owners such as yourself. i got to meet you in person at the sleepout last year and liked your vibe and things you do/try to do for people.

    in speaking with some people (in our area), i (in my own limited anthony world) kind of thought that maybe your managerial style was not optimal to being appreciated as an owner (believe me, any good or bad, says more about the person speaking than the person they’re speaking about in my book). Also, (again making estimations with intention to help), you seem very passionate, like me. sometimes, i think, our skill set is so emotional that it clashes with peers, economics, even objectivity. Your ability to recognize marketing opportunity and area for implementation isn’t questioned, as you’ve suggested, maybe just your specific role.

    however you came about the decision, i respect you more for it. i hope it works well for your team, you, clients, seer future, etc.

  • Rand Fishkin

    Congratulations Wil & Crystal. I hope we can all get together in the next few months and compare notes on how these transitions are going and what we’re learning.

    If either Sarah or I can ever be a resource to you, don’t hesitate to reach out – and best of luck!

  • mstricker

    Self-knowledge. Check. Humility. Check. Courage? Check. Hallmarks of a leader who doesn’t rest on his laurels, even if growth is +30% YOY. Your employees are very fortunate.

  • Brandon Doyle

    Congrats on the move! I am really excited to see what you continue to do. You are one of the best in the industry. I’m sure the future will be incredible for you and Seer!

  • wilreynolds

    Hey @anthonypensabenecom:disqus Thanks for the comment dude. I have had to learn that my managerial style isn’t entirely appreciated by everyone even though I know I am trying to do the right thing. Its not their faults, very often it comes from people who haven’t worked in many other jobs, its part of growth, on their part and mine.

    I’m definitely high octane on emotion, which causes me to be impulsive (even in good times), as the company got bigger moving on impulse takes longer, and then when you realize you were wrong it takes even longer to bounce back :( It sends mixed signals to your team and makes it hard for them to know where we are going, which isn’t fair to them.

  • wilreynolds

    @brandon_doyle:disqus Future is bright indeedy!!

  • wilreynolds

    Thanks @disqus_EDKELQuUau:disqus You missed one thing in your checklist… selfish. Not in a bad way, but I have been getting further and further from doing the stuff I loved, or it meant I had to spend a LOT more hours. So I after 12 years of running the show, I can’t create any more time out of thin air you know? I have to give something up.

  • wilreynolds

    Thank you @randfish:disqus I am hoping that Crystal and Sarah get to kick it at some point.

  • wilreynolds

    @bbarbot:disqus Remember I LOVE doing search in general, this move is also about getting more time back for that! That’s going to be more helpful to my team, my clients, and my day to day. Thank you for the kind words buddy!

  • wilreynolds

    @JasonManion:disqus I’m cool?

  • bbarbot


  • Jason Manion

    From what I’ve seen. Wishing you all the best in this new phase.

  • ericlander

    What happens when one of people you observe and respect the most pull out a trump card and play it? Well, that’s something you and @randfish:disqus have both done in recent months. I’m amazed not by your separate decisions, but in your shared level of self awareness and acceptance of dynamic situations.

    Thank you, Wil, for articulating how you can make these decisions and be at peace with yourself and the collective impact it has. Many entrepreneurs cannot accept anything other than always being at the top which fuels why decisions like this are often scrutinized.

    The reality (at least my view of it) here is that you’ve found a way to be more valuable to the people you’ve built a business with. I think that’s the trademark of true leadership and I find it truly admirable. Congratulations on the personal growth!

  • mstricker

    Thank you, Wil, as you said, Strengths and Weaknesses – even if your ‘weakness’ is desire to use your strengths. Better than being everyone else’s idea of who a ‘Leader’ is, I hope you find that balance that enables satisfaction from being effective.