• Greg

    Couldn’t agree more. When you are ready to build this team, count me in!

    Let’s fix this developing mess and misconception.

  • Greg

    I’m in! Let’s fix this developing mess and misconception.

  • Eric Werner


    I would be interested in helping with this.

    SEO is a value add for my company so we are pretty strict about who we take. If there is not potential for work in our other practice areas we usually can’t take them on as clients.

    I always try to point these people in the right direction and offer to review and explain proposals that they get from other “SEO companies”.


  • Tiggerito

    I’m now too busy to take on new clients, but I take some time to help the people who contact me go in the right direction. A few minutes can help so much when these people are faced with so much contradictory advice which is often not for their benefit.

    I even offer to vet any SEO offers they find.

    I see it as a hard world for the website owner at the moment, and it will probably stay that way for a while.

    So, I’m with you, but my the only qualification I pass is I’ve never paid for advertising beyond paying my website hosting bill ;-)