• Timothy Jensen

    Also, I’ve seen Google use examples of text ads in their own graphic ads promoting AdWords, directly violating their policy that says graphic ads can’t mimic text ads

  • Francis Shovlin

    Not surprising. I feel like I’ve caught them doing a few things here and there, but nothing this obvious.

  • Rand Wilson

    When you’re the big-dog you do whatever you want..
    Good catch!

  • Kobe Dan

    Google, Google, Google hmmm…

  • Michael J. Kovis

    Great catch Francis.

    I have caught (and continue to catch) many paid search competitors exploiting the sitelink ad extension in this fashion. Google can enforce this more efficiently and effectively.

    I find it healthy that we share these classic instances of Google not adhering to their own policy, yet I try not to jump off the deep end and accuse them of doing this purposely. They still must be held accountable and be held to a higher standard.

    What I see here is that their sheer size as a company causes a complete lack of communication between policy enforcers and employees. As stated above, they need to be held accountable.

  • Francis Shovlin

    Great point Michael. I did not intend to accuse them of doing so purposely. I even think the changes weren’t even absolutely necessarily yet, since they said that they would first be reviewing all new sitelinks. These could have been in some legacy campaign; I doubt Google needs to make many changes in their AdWords campaign for AdWords. Thanks for the read/comment!

  • Francis Shovlin

    Thanks, @RandWilson:disqus !

  • robertbrady


  • Filip Novák

    What a great and entertaining post :) Good job Francis!

  • Filip Novák

    I dont have same results as you. I dont see any sitelinks when I type “adwords” into Google.

  • RankWatch

    Great research and follow up, I must say. The sitelinks ads are certainly more annoying when it lands on such type of promotional campaign, that too from Google itself. They certainly needs to answer this flaw.