• Travis Brown

    Didn’t know a few of these!

    Here are some extras if you didn’t know them already:
    CTRL + home – takes you to A1
    ALT + a + m – remove duplicates
    ALT + a + t – filter
    ALT + a + e – text to columns
    ALT + a + s + s – sort

    CTRL + e – puts the cursor in the search bar/starts a search query in Chrome

    Windows button + m – minimize all

    For copy and paste values in Excel, I typically right-click and press V. Your way might be better though. Down with the mouse.

  • mmstll

    Thanks Travis!! I love the remove duplicates one – so handy! And I’ve always accidentally done CTRL + e in Chrome accidentally but didn’t quite realize what it did, so thanks for sharing.

    Down with the mouse, indeed. (Sorry, PETA).

  • Patrick Coombe

    oh man no Firefox?

    :) thanks guys some good sones in there!

  • mmstll

    What’s a Firefox? heh, kidding :)

    Almost all of the shortcuts listed above from Chrome apply for Firefox too!

  • Ben Donahower

    May I humbly suggest adding a few more exclamation points after ctrl-l to highlight the browser bar?!

    Here’s how I use it:

    Page refresh – there are keyboard short cuts to refresh (f5, ctrl-f5), but darn is f5 hard to get to! I hit ctrl-l and then enter, which does the trick and is a little easier and faster for me.

    Search – My default search engine from the browser bar is I’m feeling lucky, but I have a number of other search engines set up in Chrome that trigger when I type one or two characters. ‘g “search term”‘ for Google, ‘a “search term”‘ for Amazon, and many others like Wikipedia, other search engines, and individual sites such as :). I’ve found just using a letter or two really speeds up the process instead of the full search engine name.

    Searching Wikipedia, for example, is as quick as ctrl – l > w > space > search term. No apps, extensions, bookmarks, etc. Nice.

    Grabbing web addresses – These shortcuts works great, but after you get the hang of them, they start working together… even better! To send a link to a blog post over email would look something like this:

    1. Highlight browser bar: ctrl – l
    2. Copy what’s in the browser bar: ctrl – c
    3. Create a new tab: ctrl – t
    4. Start typing in gmail until Chrome autofills the rest
    5. Compose a new message: c
    6. Paste the link: ctrl – v
    7. Send message: tab > enter

    While this is seven steps, it’s a minute long process.

    To make a long story short, I <3 ctrl – l.

  • mmstll

    Ben, thanks for sharing an example of a practical application for some of these shortcuts! I wholeheartedly support your love of ctrl + l. GRAB ALL THE WEB ADDRESSES.

    PS – Don’t forget CTRL+R is refresh, which should eliminate your need to use CTRL+L and enter.

  • Ben Donahower

    You’re welcome for the examples and thanks for the PS info.

  • criag corns

    These short cut keys are really elegeable I helps me a lot that is really save my time. Now a days I am using todo list just few clicks I manage my task.