• Gab Goldenberg

    Excellent tutorial (Wil? Other Think Seer staff?…). One question I have is why you’re sharing your conversion data with Google? Aren’t you concerned about them competing with you?

  • Bonnie Schwartz

    @Gab Thanks for your comment. The SEER team has been using Google conversion tracking for quite some time and we think the benefits outweigh the risks of sharing your data. The time we save for reporting and optimizing is huge. I also think the risk is too great for Google to use our information for malicious reasons. The Conversion tracking is just another way Google is providing visibility to help show the value of paid search so advertisers are motivated to use it more. I would never share conversion information with an agency competitor or our client’s competitor, but I think Google only offers conversion tracking to make their product more useful to clients. Let me know if this answers your questions.

  • CPA Beyond

    Great post it clearly tells us about the new changes in the interface.