• Hillary MacBain

    Nice breakdown of using Yelp to engage with happy (and unimpressed) customers, Kathryn. Especially loved your shout out to Mother Bear’s Pizza!

    Spending a couple minutes to reply to an unhappy customer can create repeat business, and engaging a thrilled customer can create an evangelist for your brand. Great follow up to your Yelp for Business post! :)

  • wilreynolds

    There’s a balance between “timely” and giving yourself time to cool off. Would you recommend replying 48 hours afterwards, while you don’t get the “next day feel” it will give you a chance to chill out? I know sometimes I get super annoyed at things, but realize that its not worth it to address while pissed off…thoughts?

  • Kathryn Cudemo

    Thanks for the comment and for pushing me to write this as a follow up to my last Yelp piece! It was a great idea to use examples and I needed the nudge to write it. :)

  • Kathryn Cudemo

    Thanks for your comment, Wil! I appreciate your feedback and completely agree that you should avoid replying to someone, if you’re still angry. I would definitely recommend waiting until you cool off to respond. Sometimes replying in the heat of the moment with a sharp or cold response can hurt your business even more than the actual negative review.

    Responding to an angry reviewer quickly is always preferred, however, if you have to revisit the comment after 48 hours to make sure you appear calm, cool and collected, then take that time. Just make sure you don’t take longer than two weeks to respond or your reply may not make as much of a positive impact!

  • Takeshi Young

    Lol, that was quite entertaining! If there isn’t a Tumblr yet for overly-defensive business owners ranting on Yelp, you should start one.

  • Kathryn Cudemo

    Takeshi, thanks for your comment and for that excellent idea!

    I’m surprised a Yelp Rude Rants on Tumblr hasn’t been created yet. When researching possible responses to include, I was overwhelmed by the number of “ugly” replies I found. It was hard to pick only two!

    If you’d like some more lol/shocking rants to break up your day, take a look at these two:

    Hope you enjoy them as much as I did! :)

  • Nik

    Hello, I would love to see your examples, but the images appear to have been taken down.

  • Kathryn Cudemo

    Hi Nik,

    So sorry about that! All the pictures have been updated. Hope you like it :)