• Jeff Gibbard


    I think you make a number of good points, specifically about the historical context of utilizing black hat techniques for ranking. However, I think the conversation regarding the +1 button and Google+ is deeper than this.

    A +1 on it’s own may not have a huge impact on search rank as we understand search results right now, but I don’t think the future of search is about objective search rankings.

    The +1 as I see it is the first step towards creating a truly unique search experience for each person. The things that I +1 will rank higher. If I haven’t +1′d anything, then the +1′s of my social graph will influence rankings. The experience will be customized to me, based upon my behavior and social graph. In this scenario, no matter how many +1′s a website gets, the true measure of how a website ranks FOR ME will be based upon the traditional method by which Google ranks fused with some algorithm that factors in my activity and that of my social graph.

    There is still obviously a huge need to consider search from the perspective of someone that isn’t signed into Google and hasn’t connected their social graph. I do think that the +1 represents something deeper than that though.

    Great post as usual though. You always get me thinking.

  • David Christopher

    You could pay someone to create and maintain an active Google account, and some will, but it will be harder and more costly than using linking directories, which was harder than keyword stuffing, which was harder than cloaking. The ROI will be there for fewer people, and that’s about the best Google can hope for – to thin the herd of spammers.

  • steveplunkett

    See me at #pubcon.. =)

  • Razvan

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