• Mick1964

    Very interesting reading.

  • AngelaW

    At last! It’s been so disappointing over these past couple of years when trying to explain all of the terms and relationship across Places, Places for Business, Google+ Local, I hear myself start the discussion with “it’s a bit messy and still being worked out” which is never a good way to start things.

  • Sanu Chakraborty

    Google My Business is already live now. After this change i guess spammer will punish, they does not hide their original address from Google. Know more about GMB click

  • Eric Van Buskirk

    Great stuff Cori. I need to catch up w/ you on the phone. The way G has treated local biz is the most epic fail I’ve seen of them. How would a non digital person understand the changes in search, maps, blended search, Google Plus Local, and for God sake not forget Google Local!

    BTW, please add credit for what I THINK are screenshots of SEMrush interpreted data.. Cheers.

  • Cori Shirk

    Hey Eric- agreed, we should catch up, it’s been a while! The screenshots above are actually taken directly from the Google My Business dashboard. Sorry for not making that clear in the post!

  • Cori Shirk

    Hey Eric- agreed, we should catch up, it’s been a while! The screenshots above are actually taken directly from the Google My Business dashboard. Sorry for not making that clear in the post!

  • garykinced1967

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