• Ryan McLaughlin

    “So why did I write a post on tests with next to no findings?”

    Good on you for publishing anyways. This data is still valuable.

  • aaron levy

    Happy to share! Figured even if the results weren’t gangbusters one way or the other they could still serve as a great reminder to not be blinded by “best practices.”

  • Melissa Mackey

    My only issue with left-side forms is they can blend in with navigation. The other thing I’d be curious to see in this test is the visitor-to-click ratio. That could be quite different depending on form location. Great post!

  • aaron levy

    Thanks for the feedback Mel!

    Definitely a delicate balance to have the form separate look distinct from navigation; typically we request a navigation-free landing page but sometimes that’s unavoidable.

    I didn’t see a huge discrepancy between visitors and clicks in either one of the two tests; curious as you why you think that would be effected significantly by form location alone?

  • a_crutch

    I’ve tested this a few times as well with similar results.

  • Ross Hudgens

    Dig this post. Have had that “right” intuition myself, then it falls flat on its face. Never assume..

  • Ben Jones

    Good stuff, Aaron. Back in the day, when advising clients on direct mail approaches, the meaningful tactics to get one or two percentage point open differences for a 1,000,000 acquisition mailing just weren’t applicable for smaller house lists. With most of our B2B clients, their markets and offers are so specific that fighting over best practices versus client preferences isn’t as important as getting the right prospect to the page itself. One thing we do try to emphasize at eMagine is keeping the landing page simple so visitors can clearly see the CTA.