• Jey

    This is a nice footprint Wil. I’ve been using keyword “dead link” to look for ways to update reference links that could use some updating.

    If I can’t find the cited content on the web, I do some research along the lines of what you did above and create the asset then link to it from the references section.

  • Joshua

    I have always wondered how people plan to get a wikipedia link. Thanks for the insight. I can see these tactics working with to get links from other sites as well.


    Ahh the ellusive Wikipedia link. That’s an interesting tactic I’ll be honest…I never thought of using. Thanks!

  • Yasir

    These are some good tips shared here.

    I have been doing similar stuff from about a year now and having great success.

    I think it is also important to know how to make the link ‘sticky’ because even they are relevant and adding value to the content, they can still be removed by editors.

    I have got a good history of edits on Wiki now so that is helpful if you want to edit/add links.

  • Jordan Godbey

    Wil this is awesome. You take it so much further than the obvious process. The breakdown of thought process and actions really helps. Thanks!

  • Tommy Walker

    This is a brilliant strategy! Much more than just spamming wikipedia for links. Wikipedia is ripe with opportunities so long as you’re not a punk about it.

  • Wil Reynolds

    @Jey, I did not know about that command, will have to play with it once I get a chance.

    @joshua, these tactics should totally work for other sites as well, good assets get shared always, you know?

    @jordan glad it made sense buddy, I try hard to do that.

  • sheds

    Brilliant can I ask how often this has worked for you

  • Darren Moloney

    Good tip here Wil, thanks, I will go ahead and share it with a web designer I know who is having content submitted to Wikipedia rejected for being too “salesy”… I’ve looked at her content and have to admit its actually reasonably detailed but I’ll go back to the drawing board with your tips, might actually work this time round (with a little head scratching and pause for thought).

  • Will seo

    Hi Wil, very interesting post. Not really known too much about using wikipedia to build links but a cool strategy there. Thanks for sharing, now onto my research!

  • Smith

    These tips are really helpful. It is going to make the link building task easy.
    Thanks for sharing