• Jim Thornton

    For e-commerce I would add to look at all manufacturers’ sites of the products you offer, for their list of vendors. Often if it requires a search, a link to your site might be buried in a search results page. If there’s a link that’s not indexed, point a link to it from somewhere else so it gets crawled. Might have gotten this tactic from you guys now that I’m thinking about it.

  • Stephanie Beadell

    Yup, I think that might be one of Adam’s tips? But it’s a great strategy, regardless of who it came from.

  • amitkadam

    you are right jim
    “where to buy” links from brand sites are more effective and easy method to get backlinks.

  • wilreynolds

    I’d strongly recommend putting a Google Alert on your editorial calendar style keywords (intitle should keep signal to noise in check). I’d also use a page tracker, so when they update it I know immediately, there are a bunch of tools here:

  • Anthony D. Nelson

    I’ve had great success (and wrote a blog post about it) with the technique you mention in the Giveaway Entrants. Works very, very well and allows you to deeply establish your brand within a community of bloggers that all know each other.

  • Stephanie Beadell

    It’s nice to get deeply linked into a community, like you said. It’s always my goal to reach a point where bloggers I’ve worked with are comfortable approaching me if they need something. I’d love to see the blog post you mentioned. You should share it here or tweet it to me @stephbeadell.

  • Anthony D. Nelson
  • Stephanie Beadell

    That’s a great post, thanks for sharing it!

  • Anthony D. Nelson

    I appreciate you taking the time to read it. I love the fact that the ‘introduction’ period is already over. You know they are familiar with your brand. They just commented on a post about you. You are already one step into the outreach process with your initial email.

  • David Iwanow

    Hmm… not sure if there is any truth in this post published today about how Interflora got a SEO penalty for overuse of giveaways or something else more spammy was at play…

    If that is the case how might that shake up the PR side of link building and giveaways?

  • Stephanie Beadell

    I don’t know about that specific case, but I think that, rather than judging giveaways as a whole, we should qualify giveaways like we qualify other blogger relationships. If it’s a relevant contribution to an active community, great. If it’s pushing unrelated product on a spammy site, not great.

    I think the biggest takeaway from that post is the Twitter conversation. It’s always good to remember that bloggers talk to each other. Spammy tactics will get called out, and #RCS will be rewarded.

  • Craftykart

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