• Caridy Patino

    Hey Ethan, we really appreciated the deep dive you did in our first beta, and I will make sure that your concerns and recommendations get reviewed asap. Some notes though: we have detected some issues with the user/geo location awareness when you use the tray in, posible affecting the consistency between the two pages, but it works as expected in the search result page. Fix is on its way. About the actual coverage, as Shashi has mentioned in the press release, we’re covering ~15 categories from hundred that we have in our pipeline. We hope to get some good feedback and numbers to start increasing the coverage. It’s very difficult to rollout a beta product with the Yahoo! massive traffic when there are so many systems that have to be tunned first. That being said, we want to move fast, and I hope you guys will notice it.

  • Ethan Lyon

    Hi Caridy. Thank you for the timely response to this post. Several bugs are to be expected in the beta version of any product, but I was surprised at the amount of bugs in Yahoo!’s new product. I do understand the challenges of scale Yahoo! faces, but before rolling it out publicly, I would have expected more.

    That said, I’m still really excited to see the instant answers at 100% full power. There is value there and I can’t wait to see it unfold.

    Again, thank you for your response and I’m looking forward to the new changes Yahoo! is undergoing.

    - Ethan

  • AngryPeanut

    I’m having a serious problem with search direct. For some reason when I try to go to certain sites like the League of Legends homepage, I’m redirected to This is getting very annoying very fast, and I would like to find a way to fix it as soon as possible.

  • EHall

    Very often lately (once a day at least), when I try to go to my Yahoo! mail, I am redirected to the Search Direct page, and can’t get to the mail page for 20 minutes or more. Very annoying! Fortunately I can still get my mail on my iPhone, otherwise I would have switched to gmail by now. Is anyone else having this issue?