• Richard Baxter


    Psst! We have an API…

  • Gaz Copeland

    Wow man, this article just helped me shave 20% off my link prospecting time. I use many of the same free tools, because in many cases they are as good as, or better than paid alternatives.

    The “Keywords to queries” sheet is genius, so damn simple!

  • Bibiano Wenceslao

    SEOGadget’s Data Gathering Tool – FOR THE WIN! Also, this one from Rob Ousbey:

  • Ryan O’Connor

    Gaz, glad it helped you out! The other cool thing about the keywords into queries is it allows you to treat link prospecting more like long tail keyword research. Where maybe you wouldn’t have wasted time on adding slight differences to your searches now it only takes a few more seconds and you can get some additional quality results.

  • Ryan O’Connor

    Richard, thanks for the API info. We’re working on testing some things out with it now!

  • Spook SEO

    These steps are pretty simple and easy to follow. I wanna try it right now to see the results. Thanks for the tips SEER. Those are very helpful.