• Harry Gardiner

    Great article, and nice Avengers reference. Content is an integral part of every marketing team, and it’s great that more brands have begun to focus on this over the last few years.

    How do you feel about individual members of the content team specalising in certain topics? Do feel it’s important to have a team made up of specilasts in individual areas, or is it important to have a lot of content all-rounders, who can tackle each task as a whole?

    Would be really interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

    Thanks again for the great read.

  • Stephen

    Hey Harry,

    Thanks for your comment. This is a really good question you have raised, and I think it can be answered several different ways depending on your experience within a content team and an agency as a whole.

    I believe having a team of specialists is beneficial in numerous ways, but surrounding yourself with content-guru’s that can tackle a plethora of tasks is substantially important when producing quality and time-sensitive pieces for clients.

    Having one member of the team who excels in content auditing is great, but why not educate the whole team on becoming expert auditors so that when bigger projects and requests come in, the work can be produced more quickly and as a team. I think the most important part of being a team is working together to help out a clients specific goals or objectives.

    Hoping this answers your question, thanks again for raising a great point!