• Phil Gregory ⇜Zero1➚

    You kept saying scrape the info…how are you scaping and what tools do you use?

  • BH SEO

    Scrapebox is a very convenient and cheap way to do it.

  • Gregory smith

    This is one hell of a post. I have really enjoyed this read, this morning, as I was settling in to get started working today. I’m a Local SEO, as you might already know. I will be keeping this post, and looking more further into it, as the day moves forward. I would really enjoy seeing a lot more of this kind of content, coming out of SEER

  • cmsbuffet

    Amazing post!
    Thank you for the step by step

  • VIUS

    Nice post, however, your method for discovering NAP directories is very time consuming and not very efficient IMO. There is a much better tool you can use. It is called Whitespark Citation finder (, we use it at our company whenever we are implementing a local search campaign. It is a paid service but is fairly reasonably priced compared to how much time is spent to manually do the research.

  • JHTScherck

    Hey Phil, you are probably going to laugh, but I have just been using the Scrape Similar Chrome Extension – here’s a quick video I just recorded for you

  • JHTScherck

    The Whitespark Citation Finder is an amazing tool and I have a ton of respect for Darren Shaw. His tool is great for finding niche citation sources, however this process is intended to find the citation sources that your competitors already have/just built. I would recommend this process in conjunction with Darren’s service – because that service is awesome!

  • JHTScherck

    Hey Greg, thanks for the kind words, did you see this post that was just published? I think it might be right up your alley!

  • rmedlin2

    When I scrape like you suggest I only get the google map url. How did you get the different columns?

  • rmedlin2

    Also is there a quick and easy way to remove all sources where you already have your NAP listed?

  • JHTScherck

    That’s a different scrape. If using scrape similar just highlight the clickable link in the SERP and select scrape similar. Then match that up to the Google Places urls

  • JHTScherck

    Use excel to de-duplicate your results – but be sure to place your citations ABOVE your competitors before you de-dupe.

  • cm

    What are you using to scrape all this data? Surely you aren’t copying and pasting it all into a spreadsheet manually!

  • Samuel Woods

    Brilliant stuff! I just tried something similar for a client of mine and it worked like a charm. Thanks for your write-up, though, it seems I need to tweak my approach.

    One of these days, I’m going to sneak in to your office, fire up a laptop, and snatch all your Google Docs scrapers, spreadsheets, and all those goodies.

  • Gaz Copeland

    Scraper for chome is pretty awesome for this kind of thing :)

  • venkat

    Thank you for sharing this post.


  • Sociabl Web

    Thanks for the steps to finding citations but is there any tools to do this ?