• jkinnisch

    Good food for thought, Dana. Is there a rule of thumb for the ratio of articles by internal authors vs guest authors?

  • Brian Cornwell

    This method works fantastic.. Much easier than just shooting in the dark, hoping someone will accept your guest post, or for that matter.. Even read their website e-mails. Cuts out a lot of time, and give you a solid feel for what site owners are actually open to networking and working with others. It’s a weird thing though. In reverse, I get pitches all day long, but it’s the usual “traditional” guest post e-mail, or even a legit website sending me an article with sometimes up to 7 links out in one 500 word article. Not going to happen.. I think it really all comes to down actually adding value, and treating every guest post opportunity as being an honest way to showcase your brand, talent and passion.. (Let’s stop thinking about it as just the “links”, because when you get in that mentality, you’re going to struggle.) @ J below, I wouldn’t go crazy, and have 80% of your articles all coming from guest authors. Do a split like 75% content your in-house team writes, and 25% featured outside authors who want to add their own unique insight. Adds more value to your site overall. Thanks, Brian

  • Dana WhatTheFrock

    I totally agree that it’s important to stop thinking about this type of strategy as just linkbuilding. Nowadays, it’s more important to build strong relationships with influencers, and to create valuable content.

    The links generated from a strategy like this are an awesome SEO benefit, but shouldn’t be the reason BEHIND the strategy.

  • Dana WhatTheFrock

    Thanks! I’m reluctant to provide a hard and fast rule because I think it depends on your industry, goals, and content strategy.

  • BeckyShindell

    Hi Dana, I really enjoyed reading this article. As someone who does
    “link building” I am always looking for new methods to reach out to
    bloggers and I had never thought of doing something like this. Thanks so much for the article, I’m excited to begin trying this!

  • Dana WhatTheFrock

    Thanks! Let me know how it turns out!

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    The basic concept is simple. When someone guest posts on your blog,
    they’re going to promote the article. Their followers will see the
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  • Chris Long

    Nice post here Dana. I’m actually just revisiting this blog because we’re starting a reverse guest posting strategy for one of our clients.

    One thing I would suggest adding would be to start your research using your own Twitter followers. You can use Followerwonk to see who already follows you that may be a good fit to contribute to your blog. This should make the outreach a little easier since a pre-existing relationship exists.

    Not sure whether the outreach would be best done via Twitter or some other method though.