• Guillermo Ortiz

    What an awesome tool. Will definitely look into using this for some of our clients since it tracks the stats for you. Thanks for sharing!

  • Allie Brown

    Thanks, Guillermo! I hope you find it helpful.

    Even if it doesn’t result in too many quality links, I hope at least the copy & paste metrics provide some good insight on your content strategy.

  • livingseolife

    I found this fasinating. It’s a great tool not only for seo links but also to have a good insight of how my contents are being shared (so I can find out why and produce more of these). Great find great case study. You deserve a big thanks.

    - Ferdous

  • Don

    I’ve been using Tynt for at least two years. Welcome to the party ;-)

  • Mike Gracen

    Interesting stuff. I will definitely be taking a closer look at this. thanks for the post!

  • Allie Brown

    @Ferdous – Thanks for the positive feedback!

    @Don – Glad you’re aboard the Tynt train too. We’ve had this tool on our radar for a while, but never had solid data to share until now. :)

    @Mike – Thank you for the comment. I hope this tool comes in handy for you.

  • Pedro Mendes


    Great tip!

    In feedburner is possible too, if you uses him, this a good option, don’t need migrate.

    # Sorry for my english I am brazilian guy

  • livingseolife

    Thanks Alllie..I have got 10 links (3 Gold 3 silver and 4 bronze) in a single day on my personal blog!

  • Allie Brown

    @Pedro – Thanks for the comment!

    @Ferdous – Nice to see that it’s working for your blog already. Thank you for sharing your results!

  • Yvonne

    I was skeptical when I first heard about this so thanks for this post! Can’t wait to see the results.

  • Virgil Ghic

    I’ve been using this tool for about a month, the problem is that as you said above 99% deletes the link. That’s sad especially if you invest a lot of time writing that article. Over all I love it, it helps to find which part of the article creates conversion.

  • Allie Brown

    @Yvonne – I’m glad to hear you’re going to test it out. Best of luck!

    @Virgil – I agree. In this example, our client’s blog receives a ton of traffic, which is why we were able to get the 25 links out of it. But it’s definitely worth it from a content insight perspective.

  • David McClellan


    Do you think that this takes away from a positive user experience? I am making a case for Tynt and a question that came up was that people might be annoyed and turned off by it especially with the high rate at which people delete the link. Also, what copy parameters did you have Tynt set (eg. 8 words, 25 words, etc.).


  • Allie Brown

    @David – Good questions. I think Tynt will ultimately cause a better user experience because you can use the data to determine which types of posts are valued by users based on the amount of copy+paste shares. I think the moral thing to do is attribute the original source when you take content, so hopefully they wouldn’t be too offended. Also, many times users do credit a source but choose to write it without linking back, which could be why so many removed the link.

    I’d also consider showing them the list of companies that are currently using Tynt ( I think if it really hurt the user experience, they probably wouldn’t stick with the tool.

    If you are really trying to push for it, see if you can convince your team to test it out for a month to see if it drives any results for your site. It’s a free service, so there’s not much to lose!

    And as for the parameters, we set them at 7 words, but that decision is really up to you and what you think would be the best fit for your site. Hope this helps!

  • David McClellan

    Wow. Thanks for the help Allie. We are going to be jumping on a call with Tynt and hopefully implement it on one of our sites for a trial run. We have implemented it on a handful of pages but don’t think that it is enough data to make an educated decision. We may end up setting the parameters a bit higher. Thanks again.

  • Chris M

    I’ve been using Tynt for a while now and have seen some fantastic results, so if anyone is wondering.. Yes, it’s worth giving a go.

  • David Sottimano

    Wicked tool, thanks for sharing! I’m definitely going to try this out and publish some stats somewhere ;)

  • Shez

    Hi Allie,

    its shez from twitter. I bookmarked this post at 25 Jan when you shared the link and today I just read it. well congrats for your first its very much informative.
    We normally use Bitly[dot]com but your post just gave some creative ideas to boost Link building strategy.

    Thanks again

  • Allie Brown

    @David M – You’re welcome, and good luck with your trial run!

    @Chris – I agree! Thanks for sharing :)

    @David S – Please do test it out and let us know how it goes. We love reading the stuff you guys publish over at Distilled.

    @Shez – Thank you! Hope you see some results from this.

  • Sean

    The only downfall is it does not work if you have share buttons for embed code. Any idea on a work around?

    Was told it only works on right click copying of images

  • Allie Brown

    @Sean – It works if you use keyboard shortcuts to copy images or text too, not just right click.

    I haven’t run into any issues with Tynt not working alongside share buttons, so I’m not sure how to help you out there. They do have a Tech Support question, so I’d ask them:

    And thanks for the comment!

  • Jan

    I tried it now for a couple of days and will see if I will get more links. 1% as you said above is not really much. Thanks for your post

  • Ben

    Hey Allie,

    I didn’t understand the gold, silver, bronze categorization – thanks for explaining. I thought Tynt was over-reporting because it said it created 116 silver links – they must be on un-indexed pages or be behind a login.

  • Annaïs

    I use Tynt since last month, I’m really happy so far :)

  • JDS

    I can see the number of links that my TYNT has generated, but how do I see where the links have been placed?

  • kamaldws

    Awesome post! I got the concept behind to use TYNT.