• David

    Hey Wil,

    Based on hearing what you had to say at Mozcon I think there are 2 books you would really dig and find highly valuable:

    “Please Understand Me” (goes far beyond extra/introversion in understanding people because it outlines other major info processing methods such as abstraction/details, thinking/feeling, closure/non-closure and how they combine in various ways);

    “Influencing With Integrity” (if you’ve never read any books on NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – you may find yourself addicted and quickly… I’ve been studying and training in it since 1992 and am only now feeling like I’m ‘getting it’- it’s a lot to be able to know & do – also: NLP, like SEO, in some circles got a bad rap as “manipulative” [sounds like some people's perceptions of SEO, eh?] so if you’ve heard ‘bad’ things, I’d advise ignoring those and making your own decisions about it because NLP is just a tool… a hammer can build or destroy, it’s up to the user).


  • Ryan Michael McDonald


    On the topic of managing energy, I just finished The Power of Full Engagement, and found it to be a tremendous read.

    It’s essentially a quick guide on managing your life like a pro athlete. It talks through examples on how using rituals, habits, etc can help balance stress and recovery to produce peak performance.

    It was a timely read for me, as a often-overworked SEM’er. Now I’m on the hunt for more resources on managing energy…

    - Ryan

  • wilreynolds

    Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll have to add it to my VERY long list of to-do reads :)