• Jason Nelson

    Good tips & example Ali. But aren’t you a bit wary of going after exact match anchor text these days?

  • SenkaiLabs

    IMHO, this is not the typical blast-linkbuilding, what Ali want to show us it’s more a win-win link-relationship, so I would not worry to much about exact match… although I will use her recommendation and use the company name and some kws surrounding the link as co-citation. BTW, thanks for the post very good one :)

  • Ali Freezman

    Hi Jason! Great point and thank you for the comment. Thank you, @senkaiLabs as well.

    I do feel that is still necessary to send signals to the search engines in the form of exact match anchor text. However, I feel it is of utmost importance to diversify your back link profile and not over optimize anchor text. As the Google algorithm continues to change, I think we will see anchor text become less and less important.

  • Brandon Serna

    Great post Ali! I really liked the way you presented yourself and the level of transparency you were able to get while eliciting a positive response back. Really fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Ali Freezman

    Hi Brandon,

    I appreciate your feedback very much.

    Thank you.