• Amanda

    Thanks for the helpful tips- I’m always looking for Analytics Hacks… This is becoming especially valuable as we quantify the amount of long-tail keyword traffic SEO is generating by optimizing for the root term. Awesome!

  • Shane

    It’s wild how little info Google provides on how to do searches like that using RegEx. From a usability standpoint, it appears that all you can do is search by “containing” or “excluding” keywords. Thank you for showing some of the most popular ways to use RegEx in GA!

  • Hello SEO

    Very interesting post to begin to use Regular Expressions with Google Analytics.

    Thank you for sharing your examples and hacks. It’s very powerful!

  • Rachael Gerson

    Thanks everyone for the positive feedback!

  • Justin

    THAT’S a useful way of being able to isolate groups of keywords.

    BUT it’s still pretty long winded compared to using wordtracker’s Strategizer tool, which groups all your ANALYTICS keywords into niches.

    its great for finding the niches that are bringing you most business and for planning seo and link building.


  • Rachael Gerson

    Hey Justin, thanks for the feedback! I haven’t tried your Strategizer tool, but will check it out.

  • Peter O’Neill

    Hi Rachael – those are great examples of how use RegEx to filter on groups of keywords on GA. I wish I had found the post a few hours sooner, would have included a link to it within a new post I wrote on categorising search terms in GA. I realised that you could use the same regular expressions but in profile filters to populate an unused campaign field (like Campaign Name for organic search) with the name of the search term category. Similar to what you have done but I feel it offers a bit more when it comes to analysis. Check it out and would be interested in your thoughts –


  • shpyo

    I’ve never user RegExp in GA, so it’s time to start doin’ this :). Thanks for sharing :>

  • Rachael Gerson

    @Peter Thanks for your feedback! I read your post, as well. I love the idea – Anything that lets you cut data down into more digestible and easily analyzed pieces is a good idea to me! I personally am trying to do as much as possible within segments, vs filters, currently. With the number of different things I was looking into and testing, I quickly ended up with a ton of profiles for each project, which wasn’t sustainable. I’m going to try your setup on one of my personal profiles, though :)

    @shpyo No problem, good luck!

  • Taylor Cimala

    Great resource and well written examples of how to use some of the more intricate areas of regex in analytics. Crossing these with some advanced segments is definitely a great way to dice up traffic and help show value a lot more efficiently to clients.

  • Joel

    Holy crap. All I can do is shake my head and think back to all the wasted minutes creating 9 filters when one would have done the job. You have my eternal gratitude.

  • Rachael Gerson

    @Taylor & @Joel – Thank you both! Joel, happy to help. I have a lot of fun playing with RegEx, this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you ever have questions or want to try something new, don’t hesitate to reach out!

  • opik074

    You are my herrrroooooooo