• Alexander Holl

    Hi thanks for this. I think the most important part for SEOs is not only driving quantitative traffic but qualitative traffic to websites. So verall conversion data should be very carefully analyszed for both search channel.

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    This blog is very knowledgeable
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  • Audrey Bloemer

    @google-b45bde6c50f0104d92a3588a7c20ed44:disqus thanks for reading! I definitely agree with quality vs. quantity. Its important we are creating value for clients and driving quality leads. Conversion data is a metric both channels should be monitoring closely.

    @d0f3bb67fdf743244df3a91864c968b4:disqus Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to read!

  • JasonManion

    Great post Audrey! You’re right on…PPC data can be extremely valuable to SEO efforts. It’s a great way to quickly determine if your SEO strategy is on target or not.

  • Audrey Bloemer

    @JasonManion thanks Jason! Like you said, PPC can be a great benchmark
    for SEO. It’s great when the two channels can work together to achieve a
    common goal.

  • Jeff Bronson

    This is an important viewpoint. Often, I recommend a client starts with PPC, vs. SEO which is less profitable for the agency at first, but reaps rewards getting to see how the audience reacts to campaigns. Armed with data about matching search queries, impressions, clicks, etc, we can devise a realistic inbound marketing plan of attack.

  • deepika rawat

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    This article is very informative Pay per Click Services

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