• Andy

    Seen worse, I think. Have seen a fully automated blog system which was hosted on a few of a company’s minisites, where not only were blog posts automated, in a similar style to as mentioned here (no content, just a page), but so were comments which contained links. This system generated thousands of posts and comments based on a few targeted keywords every day for months.

    This was all down to Manager and Developers of a company thinking “more links, great!”, having read that links were great for SEO, but not having consulted an SEO about their seemingly great idea. Just proves how important and even vital it is for developers and management to either communicate with an SEO team before implementing an idea with vague knowledge.

  • anthonydnelson

    I know of websites employing this exact strategy and have a pretty good idea of who (one of many) Company Xs may be. It may have worked for websites in the past, but post Farmer it seems like an even worse idea to generate thousands of low quality, unoriginal pages.

  • Rina Wallace

    It’s funny I was just talking to a friend about this yesterday. She was saying just the same things.

    It’s really interesting where we are headed nowadays with social media. I have actually learned some cool things about Twitter and how to track clicks using some simple tricks.

    Here is one tip I thought was really GREAT:

    Add a Plus to Links.

    If you’ve been using TweetDeck or another Twitter service that uses links, then here’s a great tip:

    Go through your timeline and pull out links, paste them into your browser, and add a “+” on the end. This will automatically send you to the statistics page for that link, which gives you conversation history, clicks and regional analysis.

    Not only is this a great way to yank out and measure the effectiveness of your tweet history, but it also gives you the opportunity to analyze your competitors!

    See the whole article with some other cool social media tips.

    All the best!