• David Zwickerhill

    For sites with horrible search functionality (reddit) use google advanced search within a domain and then use that query for the custom search engine.

  • Charlie Williams

    Seriously good post Nico – thanks for the tips (especially the multi logins)!

    As I’m greedy, one more thing – could you share the extensions you use as well (only recognise a couple of the icons in the screenshots…)

  • Scott Thomas

    Thank you – the multiple user tip just made my day!

  • Anthony Moore

    Great post. The multi-user trick will change my life! Thanks for sharing.

  • Brian

    Ummm why have I never heard of this multi user thing. You just made my life 10 times more productive.

  • markkennedysem

    Are you using Chrome to the best of its ability?
    I am now. Great post, especially the multi-user tip. Thanks to you and Ethan

  • Nico Miceli

    Good idea! I always hate when I come across in site search boxes that don’t take advanced operators

  • Nico Miceli

    @twitter-17096500:disqus @7999adb33d2f9bcaec70ca3669d4bf8d:disqus @twitter-39151033:disqus @twitter-15066658:disqus @twitter-197489412:disqus glad you guys liked the multi user tips. If you liked that you might like this – a couple days ago I found the program Launcy and that’s my new favorite thing. It allows you to open any folder or program by writing the name so you don’t have to use the mouse.

  • Jen McGahan

    The multi user tip: I’m adding it today! Thank you.

  • Bill Sebald

    I don’t know how I lived without the multi-user trick. All my clients and my company have an account.

  • Jeremy Rivera

    Multi-user trick just CHANGED MY LIFE. (For the better!)