• malcolm coles

    I looked into the difference between these different tools for topical searches recently if you’re interested: (feel free to delete comment if not!).

    For topical information, insights seems better than both autosuggest AND the keywords tool for discovering what people are searching for currently.

  • Edmonton SEO

    Holy! I’m loving this article and will start implementing some of these strategies right away.

    Can’t wait for the follow up next week. Subscribing to your RSS feed now.

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  • wil

    @malcolm, thanks for stopping by, I liked that post, no need to delete at all.

    @edmonton SEO, its taking me a little long to get part II knocked out, please bear with me ok? It’ll hopefully be worth the wait!

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  • SEO Doctor

    Also bear in mind that Google’s search volumes from their keyword tool are not accurate. I have been looking a search volumes on a phrase and showed 1000 in July and 5K+ in August, with seaonal factors not effecting the search term.

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  • Jacob

    Google Adwords Sandbox tool? You mean Keyword tool?

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  • Uri – Pay Per Performance SEO

    This is a fantastic way of producing high quality keyphrases….

    In our business, this is what sets us apart.. I can’t believe you went public with this…

    Think about this.. most companies fail in SEO, SEM or online contextual Advertizing because they get this first phase completely wrong.. keyword research…

    I think this article just reduced that gap… :-)

    Great read..

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  • identity

    Better yet, for step 2, use to turbo charge your research. You can actually configure which sources to use, so you can refine based on the type of site…content vs. ecommerce, etc.