• Sarasota SEO

    Very cool ideas.

  • Jennifer Dlugozima

    Yes, I would also add:

    Do you or your top managers serve on any charitable boards? Charities most often list their board members and will provide a link, if you ask them to.

  • Jen

    Very good post! I work at a company that likely does all of these things but I highly doubt we thought to perform linkbuilding in this way. Great creative thinking!

  • Adam

    Thanks Sarasota SEO, Jennifer & Jen! A followup will probably come soon with some added ideas. Charities are definitely a good source to find links in multiple ways, great point, especially digging down to their board members.

  • Jeff

    Good ideas but how valuable are they? I was under the impression that a .edu link is very valuable but doesn’t the (~) diminish the value? Most .edu links for any student or organizations site behind the Tilda.

  • Adam

    Jeff – I agree, many times the tilda seems to diminish the value of a .edu pages. I searched for my old fraternity and was able to find a mix of independent fraternity sites, .edu sites without the tilda (many PR4), and sites with the tilda that still have PR3.

    Doing something is always better than nothing. If it takes 5 minutes to contact an alumni relations person at your old fraternity, definitely worth it so long as the engines can access where the link will go.