• Website Sales Lab

    A nice adaptation to the serps and useful.

  • Shawn Cohen

    Great idea to bring business theory to bear on SEO. We def need more of that!

  • Sam Hendrix

    Thanks Shawn! Looking forward to meeting you soon.

  • Wayne Sleight

    Great post Sam. Thanks for helping to raise the business IQ of the industry!

    I guess you could throw this into #2 but I believe that Author Rank will be a huge factor into determining the quality of a link. You mentioned DA and PA but I would add in Author Rank as well there. Example: One company has a link on a PA of 60 but the author of the content has a low Author Rank. The second company has a link on a PA 40 but the author of the content has a super high Author Rank. Which link is better? I’d say the latter.

    Anyways, that’s my 2 cents. I really enjoyed your post and it got my mind spinning which is always good! Look forward to connecting with you more.

  • Sam Hendrix

    Glad you liked it Wayne! Author Rank is an area where I can’t claim to have too much knowledge but definitely high on my list to educate myself on. But I think you certainly have a point. Thanks for reading and sharing!

  • Dave Fowler

    Nice one, Sam. I love posts that reference long-standing marketing theories and adapt them to the present-day digital battleground. I can’t fault your breakdown, but would add to it. I think Link Types could expand to include geographical proximity of the linking site. I often see a correlation between shared territory and ranking position (e.g. here in the UK I see sites with a higher % of links from UK-located sites outranking those with a smaller %, others things being equal). Thanks for a thought-provoking read.

  • Sebastian S

    Great post! You have some 404 errors on images, you may want to fix them :)

  • Mican Ltm

    Quality of links is something that we never think of, some high authority links have a massive effect on the sites ranking.